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Monday, 20 September 2010 05:54
  1. One Manual Robot and One or Two Automatic Robots are required for each team.
  2. Manual Robot brings three Joss Stick Pots and places them at any three Poles in Common Zone.
  3. Automatic Robots bring Krathong Petals and Flowers to Preparation Points while Manual Robot brings Candle Base to Decoration Point.
  4. Automatic Robots move up Sala and assemble Krathong by stacking a Krathong Petal and a Flower on Candle Base.
  5. Manual Robot brings three Joss Sticks from Common Zone and puts on the assembled Krathong
  6. Automatic Robots lift and drop the completed Krathong on River Surface.
  7. One Automatic Robot brings Candle Light Flame and drops on top of Candle. This action ends the match. It’s called "Loy Krathong".
  8. If there is no "Loy Krathong", the winner is decided based on earning scores.
  9. A match lasts 3 minutes.