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Another Step towards the Future

In 2000, member countries of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) jointly agreed to organize an annual handmade robot contest to be participated by university and vocational students in the region. In addition to promote relationship and cultural exchange to foster closer ties among countries in the Asia-Pacific region, the objective of the contest was to develop knowledge, creativity and innovation among younger people in the region.

The first ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest, known as ABU Robocon, was launched in Tokyo, Japan in 2002 after which member countries took turn to host the regional event. Thailand played host in 2003 to be followed by Korea (2004), China (2005), Malaysia (2006), Vietnam (2007), India (2008), Japan (2009) and Egypt (2010).


In the last nine years, the contests have enhanced cooperation and exchange of opinions and knowledge among member countries. It is not exaggerated to say that ABU Robocon has built up closer relationship beyond the word “friendship” but rather a “family” of young enthusiasts who look forward to participating in the contest to show off their dreams and technical skills through their self-invented robots. Every young contestant was full of hope that their robots would display its sophisticated capability. Some contestants were full of joy as if they won the contest just because their robots worked perfectly as designed and demanded. Some however burst into tears not due to the defeat but because their robots failed to show their full capabilities before the audience.

The year 2011 marks the tenth anniversary of ABU Robocon and Thailand is honored to host the event again. We are persistent to get across the present chapter to a brighter future with member countries walking side-by-side in developing technological knowledge. The path towards the future might be rough but an immense and amicable family, composed of member countries, will definitely move together with a strong determination to become a solid community in the world of development.



Main ideas in designing the rules:

  • Easy to understand by the audiences
  • Entertaining and exciting game
  • Intelligent robots performing in dynamic environment
  • Picking and placing objects in three dimensions
  • Having collaboration between opponent teams
  • Game adapted from Thai cultures and traditions


The game is designed so that all the participating teams are able to compete and enjoy the contest. However the final task of dropping Candle Light Flame on top of Candle which is the highlight of the game is designed so that only the team that the robots are able to operate in a dynamic environment deserves the winning.