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Sunday, 03 October 2010 23:24
G1 Q: What kind of wood is the Ramp made of?
A: ABU Robocon 2011 Bangkok will use plywood with a thickness of 20 mm.
G2 Q: What is the material of the Ramp's surface?
A: Painted wood, Please see Appendix 1 (Page 27)
G3 Q: Is the surface of the Ramp covered with Vinyl Sheet?
A: No
G4 Q: Is the surface of the Ramp painted?
A: Yes
G5 Q: If the material of the Ramp's surface is wood, do you take any measures to prevent the Robots from slipping on the Ramp?
A: The team has to design the robot so as not to slip from the ramp.
G6 Q: Figure 1 shows that there is Wooden Fence in the Common Zone near the Sala between the Red team's area and the Blue team's area. But this fence does not exist on the other Figures. What is this?
A: Thank you for your comment, there is a mistake in drawing

Link to Figure 1:
G7 Q: In rule 5.3, what exactly means that ground field? Can you explain it more extensive?
A: Ground field in Figure 1 and 2 excluding Sala, River Surface, Ramps and the space above.
G8 Q: The River Surface has been made by wood with a thickness of 4 mm, but we found the surface occurred significant deformation, so we wonder would the River Surface be guaranteed to be level absolutely in the competition and what way can we try to make it level?
A: Please see the updated Figure 7 .
G9 Q:Regarding to rules 2.3.1, the Common Zone is stated to have width 500mm and length 3500 mm. Does the Common Zone has the same level as the manual zone?
A: Yes.
G10 Q: Are the Ramp and the side of the Sala part of the Sala?
A: Yes.
G11 Q: In what state is the robot regarded as ‘being on the Sala?
A: When all the supporting parts of the robot which contact the floor are on the Sala.
G12 Q: About the Figure 2. What is the distance between the center of the Candle Base and the wooded fence of the Game Area as the Candle Base is at the Storage Points?
A: Please see updated Figure (Enlarged).